Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good News Wednesday!

I don't know what to write these days now that I actually have time to write. I chaffed under the pressure of a deadlines, over the assignments, over someone telling me what to write. But now that pressure is lifted, I know not what to write! I would like to write of my friends, but I don't know where to begin. I would like to write of my personal journey, but the journey seems to be stalled and I am not sure where I am going at the moment. My current condition is best described as "at rest."

For the first time in many years, I am not being pushed. I have a break in the action. It is like an intermission in my life. I finally have some leisure time and I am not sure what to do with it. It would be all together too easy to spend more time on the computer, but I have felt the need to take a break from that as well. So for the last couple of weeks I have taken a step back to a time before I was connected to the world digitally. I picked up a book and devoured it. It only served to intensify my appetite, I read two more! I then was moved to pick up a pen, but I did not write. Instead I drew a picture.

Still, I felt guilty that I was not doing something! I had let a lot of things slide while I was in school. I confided in a friend by email of what I was feeling. How after years of having my actions being driven by events, I was suddenly free. But, I also had no motivation to do anything. She responded with this:

It sounds to me that you are very clear about what you need right now... which is to step back, take care of yourself and learn to relax (without guilt). You're life has been busy, busy, busy... and will be again soon. But, for now, maybe some non-hurried time is in order. You deserve it!

I decided she was right and spent the entire evening last Monday doing nothing but listening to music. I haven't been that relaxed in years!

Thank you Tammy!


Blogger Rottlady of the Ozarks said...

Dang, I'm sorry I haven't seen this before. I'm glad to see you are kicking back and taking it as it comes. Everyone needs to do that once in a while. I think Tammy's advice was really good and it's good to know that you took her advice.

Hanging out and listening to music is something I haven't done in years....I bet that was nice.

May 29, 2009 at 8:42 PM  
Blogger azsky13 said...

Hey Elizabeth, I figured you would find me sooner or later. Yeah, that was a good night! I love music! I am reading a lot more too! I don't know why I stopped

May 29, 2009 at 9:01 PM  

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