Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday morning...

It is very early on the morning and I don't feel like sleeping just yet... so I will write instead.

The world is going crazy! The economy is tanking... we are still at war... I still have a job (yeah!) and oh by the way... I bought gas for $3.09 on Saturday. Just a week before I paid $3.37. By Sunday it was down to $3.05 and today when I drove by the station it was $2.97! like oh my God! I never thought gas would go below $3.00 again. I am not sure why gas is going down I am just grateful that it is!

So what else is happening? I am almost afraid to turn on the TV these days. I really hate that McCain considers Minnesota to be a swing state. We now get all of his nasty ads about how the liberals in Washington are going to raise our taxes. I am a little tired of the scare-mongering tactics. Enough already! I am also very tired of Sarah Palin... In less than a month it will be all over! I can't wait for election day!

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