Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caribou Chronicles- day 2

Here I am back at Caribou today. I couldn't concentrate at home and had over a hundred pages left to read in a book for my writing class.

Now I love going to Caribou coffee. A large Cafe Mocha was just what I needed to get me back on track. As an added bonus, they have a special on right now that if you buy a large drink you can get a bakery item for just a dollar. Sweet! I could get a muffin too.

So I settled in on a comfy couch drinking my high test, highly caffeinated beverage and began reading my book. But I could not keep my eyes open. I would read a page and my eyes would close and my head would nod. So much for caffeine! I went online for a bit and did part of a tutorial for Dreamweaver for another class. I woke up enough to go back to the book. I now have about 50 pages left to read but now am again falling asleep. Argh! I am giving up on it for now.

Going back to school at my age has been tough. There always seems to be homework to do for one of my classes. but I really don't mind that. I enjoy using my mind again for something other than the usual day to day tedium of everyday life. I just wish I didn't have to work. I would actually have time for everything if I didn't have to work. It is only part time, but I guess I should be happy that I even have a job. There are many people who don't have jobs who would love to be in my position. So I should be more grateful.

I had better go home now. I think I need a nap before I try to do anymore homework. I still have Math to do. but with my luck the caffeine will kick in the moment I lay down...


Blogger Rottlady of the Ozarks said...

Ha! that's probably what will happen, you'll lay down for a nap and wake right up! This place you go, sounds like a nice place. Is it very busy?
I tried to take a nap today and woke up with a start! I had been dreaming in color about a red and black snake! I think I have been watching too many nature shows. *smiles*

Good luck on that reading!

February 15, 2009 at 5:20 PM  
Blogger azsky13 said...

Hey Elizabeth, Yeah it is kind of cool there. It was kind of busy today. I couldn't get a table so I was sitting on one of the couches. That might be why I was having so much trouble staying awake. I was a little too comfy! The music was kind of sleepytime too!

I am going to try to nap now. I think I will be able to sleep. I am yawning as I am writing here.


February 15, 2009 at 5:33 PM  

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