Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's going on?

So what is going on these days? I am wondering if anyone has a clue. The economy is a wreck and we are bailing out the ones who wrecked it. I just don’t understand the logic in that. Do they pay? Hell no! We do! Just like always…

Politics is just as screwed up. Last year about this time the only Republican candidate I liked at all was John McCain. Well that has certainly changed. His views on everything have shifted so that he would be more attractive to the Republican base. This time last year I liked Dennis Kucinich on the democrat’s side. When he dropped out I supported Richardson, then he dropped out. When the day for the Minnesota caucus came around, I didn’t have a clue until I wrote down a name and dropped it in the box. Yeah it was very low tech.

I am ok with the choice of Obama; I just wish Kucinich had been given more of a chance. But, now with the economy tanking, I really think that Obama is the right choice. I can recall a history class from many years ago. We were studying the Great Depression. FDR was elected during the midst of that economic catastrophe. He had the ability to inspire people and give them hope when they had none. We need that hope again and I believe the only man who has the ability to inspire in a time of crisis is Obama. We don’t need a maverick who will shoot from the hip, we need a thinker who can rationally look at the problems that we face and come up with some answers.

I fear for our country. It will most certainly get worse before it gets better. But hopefully our current situation will prompt more people to get out and vote. One can only hope that they do so intelligently, with the choice made by an examination of the facts not on the basis of who has the best media campaign.

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