Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What gives you Hope?

In life these days it seems there are more questions than answers. Every time I turn around it seems another politician is in trouble, more people have lost their jobs, and someone else died an untimely death.

I know for me it is difficult some days to just get out of bed! Oddly enough even on my worst days, hope comes from within me. Sometimes it is so small… just a flicker… but it is there… and if I let it … it grows… It is just a matter of getting out of my own way…

It is the innocence of a small child who trusts you without doubt.

It is finding validation in knowing that you did something that you did not think you were capable of doing.

It is finding answers to questions you were not even sure how to ask.

I have hope because I believe in God. I know he exists because I have felt him working through me. At times I have been lead to people in pain and had no words of comfort, but they were given to me. It is hard to explain but it is as if the words were coming from somewhere else.

I have hope because whenever I am in pain I am lead to people who ease that pain and lift me up. Most times I am not even looking for help, and sometimes try to push it away … but hope finds me anyway.

I have hope because even though I am alone… I am not alone.

I have hope because tomorrow, no matter what… the sun will rise.

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Blogger azsky13 said...

I was asked this question by my friend Karla at Hope Heals This was partially my answer. But now I ask the same question of you... What gives you hope?

July 8, 2009 at 1:53 PM  

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