Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dawn is fast approaching...

Dawn is fast approaching...

This is not necessarily a good thing for me. Once again I cannot sleep, three hours and I'm up again. Even as I sit here, yawning, I know that if I go back to bed, I will just lay there, yawning. I am exhausted, but cannot sleep.

Is it just my restless mind that will not allow me sleep, or is something else? Unfinished business perhaps... Unresolved issues, also a possibility. I always tend to have them... Sometimes I just think too much, feel too much.

But, this ultimately solves nothing. In less than an hour the sun will rise. A new day will begin and I will not be prepared for it. Ah, blessed slumber, why does it suddenly escape me?

I can hear the birds begin their morning call as they greet the sun.

Dawn is fast approaching...


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