Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Monday...

Another Monday...

Why is it the weekends go so quickly? There is never enough time to finish everything that needs to be done and maybe find some time to relax as well. My weekend was mostly consumed by homework. I went back to school this semester after a 33 year break. It has been a little tough getting back into the groove. When I was in college before, I only worked part time and could focus solely on school. It is a little more difficult now with a full time job and other obligations. It has been quite an adjustment for me!

I haven't had a chance to check out the news yet this morning. I am wondering what new revelations are out there on Governor Palin today. I just don't know what McCain was thinking when he chose her. She may have been a viable candidate in the future, but not now. She is unprepared for the responsibilities she would face as president. I kind of feel sorry for her at this point. I don't dislike her personally, I just disagree with just about everything she stands for. The debate this week should be interesting. I saw a lot of speculation yesterday that they might try to find a way to cancel it, a family emergency or something similar. It would probably have been more believable if McCain hadn't tried it last week.

Speaking of McCain... I friend of mine, Stacy Malbon, wrote a very snarky piece Friday on Newsvine about McCain that is worth a look:

John McCain only lies about suspending campaigns and uses a crisis for cheap political stunts because he cares about you, America.

It is oh so humorous, but unfortunately also very true! Check it out... it is well worth the read!

Enjoy your day, I am off to check out a few news sites to see what is happening in the world today...

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